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Curriculum vitae pdf - 6 KB [6 KB]






Journalist editor on Croatian Radio and TV

Sustainable tourism for me is

It is just the revival of the collective memory of the human race. Since Eden up to modern times the idea stays deep in our mind, in the heart and soul of every man, that ONCE we enjoyed the brightness, the natural beauty and the harmony of the first Garden. Every Adam and every Eve nowadays, just by instincts, want to return to the Garden, to go there again, may be only for a day, for a week or two... For them, for ourselves and for the sake of our children we are obliged to keep and promote the sustainable tourism.

My message

Let us Listen to the Land’s Breathing

Decisive experiences and events which shaped the path of my life

During the study, I was constantly working as a journalist on the National Croatian Radio and Television in Zagreb. After Graduating on Zagreb University of Philosophy, I got full time job on Croatian Radio, where I work now as journalist-editor for about 30 ages.

Milestones in my life

Born in Zagreb, Graduation on Zagreb University, journalist job on Croatian Radio dealing with nature; ecology; tourism

My major achievements

Well done job in realising my work in the radio programme and a lot of projects and happenings; very good team work with other journalists; good atmosphere; a lot of awards; a lot of travels where you can learn a lot; meeting with people from which you can learn

What I like to do

Interviews and reportages, writing books, working on good projects connected especially with tourism with accent on nature, health, ecology. Also to be the member of Expert committee for judging the same.

What is most precious for me

My family my,colleagues and private friends, people with good ideas and strong wish to realize them, to do original and good things connected with sustainable tourism in this case.

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