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Curriculum vitae pdf - 75 KB [75 KB]


Beata Pawlikowska




Writer, traveller, photographer, journalist

Sustainable tourism for me is…

...the only reasonable and responsible alternative.

My message

We, people, are as much a part of a natural environment, as plants and animals. We need to respect them. The same way we respect each other.

Decisive experiences and events which shaped the path of my life

I spent a lot of time in the Amazon jungle which is my favourite place on Earth. Over the past twenty years of travelling I visited remote tribes and places, learning from them the true value of life and the way to be an honest, responsible, courageous and strong human being.

Milestones in my life

Every travel I take and every book I write is a milestone to me.

My major achievements

Learning to be a happy human being. Besides, I have published fourteen books, most of them with National Geographic, hosted a number a TV shows, travelled to the farthest ends of the world. For the past ten years I have hosted a popular show on one of the biggest radio stations in Poland.

What I like to do

Write, travel, listen to music. My hobbies are my work and vice versa.

What is most precious for me

Freedom to make choices and decision



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