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Project description


EDEN in Lithuania


The European Commission is running the EDEN “European Destination of Excellence” project since 2006 and its main aim is to draw attention to the value, diversity and shared characteristics of European tourist destinations, and to promote destinations where the economic growth is related with environmental sustainability of tourism.

Lithuania launched this EDEN project called “Lithuanian Destination of Excellence” in 2007. Every year the most interesting destination of excellence in all over Lithuania is being selected according to the theme and criteria of the year established by the European Commission. This destination is introduced to all the European countries during the annual European Tourism Forum as well as in the websites of the European Commission (

The project is also introduced in the websites of the Lithuanian State Department of Tourism under the Ministry of Economy (, as well as various publications and local or international tourism exhibitions.

This year the winner of the Lithuanian Destination of Excellence that corresponds to the theme of European Destinations of Excellence for 2010/2011 “Tourism and Regeneration of physical sites” has become The Project “Rokiškis Manor” presented by Rokiškis Tourism Information Centre.


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