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How to participate

 Every year, the European Commission publishes one call for proposals to offer its support to the national public administrations in charge of tourism in the Member States (as a rule the National Ministries or other public bodies having the same tasks) to take part in the project and organize a national selection procedure. Candidate Countries are admitted as well, but without financial support. However they will benefit from the same conditions and EDEN promotional activities as all the Member States.

Each country taking part in the project manages its own selection process during the first half of the year. First of all they organise a communication campaign to inform all possible candidates about the competition and then select the winning destination on the basis of a set of award criteria established at both European and national level. The names of the winners are usually communicated to the Commission before summer.

The European Award Ceremony is organised by the European Commission and takes place in the second part of the year.

If you manage a destination which you believe deserves recognition of excellence, do not hesitate to contact the organiser (the so called “ Project Officer”) in your country’s administration. A complete list of contacts for the next competition is available.

You can also get ideas from examples of how projects were implemented in the very first year in countries that have already taken part, this includes the selection procedure and promotion activities (see the implementation page). The texts and guide for submission of the past calls are also published so that you can see even more of what has been done in the past.

Please remember that the call for proposals published by the European Commission is only directed at public administrations. If you represent a local destination and you wish to compete to become an EDEN destination, you must take part in the national competition.

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